Group Fitness

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Come enjoy a wide variety of group exercise classes with some of the top certified instructors in the Bitterroot Valley.  We have approximately 50 classes per week that are all FREE with your membership.

Group Fitness Descriptions:


    • HIGH LOW is rhythmic aerobic dance movements building from basic steps. Intensity can be modified by participants between high and low aerobics. High Low Easy will use simpler movements throughout the class. 
    • PILATES is a whole body workout, gentle, but challenging. It elongates and strengthens your muscles, improving both muscle elasticity, and joint mobility. It builds body awareness, improves flexibility, posture, core strength, and decreases back, neck, and joint pain. 
    • STEP is a high-energy class that will build from basic choreography into intermediate variation using the step. 
    • STRONG is a high intensity, interval training driven by synced music rhythms. Push past your limits to reach fitness goals. Uses your own body weight to tone, define, and build endurance. Increases afterburn! 
    • TABATA wakes you up with high-impact movements for cardio fitness improvement. It is a fast-paced, calorie-burning HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class! 
    • SPINNING is for serious spinners and outdoor cyclists. We work on progression of strength and interval training to move past plateaus and maintain summer fitness gains. 
    • SPIN & CORE classes will progress from warm-up to moderate intervals followed by an instructor led series of core exercises at the end.


    • DANCE JAM is all about getting a sweat on & having fun while moving your body to different genres of music. 
    • ZUMBA is a latin- inspired, high-energy program with motivating music and dance. 
    • ZUMBA GOLD is a low impact latin- inspired dance that is slower paced, but still packed with intensity. 
    • ZUMBA TONING is the same latin-inspired dance moves with the addition of “zumba shakers” to help tone your muscles.

    Mind & Body

    • STRETCHING is a 30-minute class focused on stretching the major muscle groups. 
    • DEEP STRETCH is a class similar to yoga focusing on holding static stretching positions.
    • ADVANCED YOGA AND PILATES is a fusion of yoga and Pilates that is more difficult and advanced than our other classes. 
    • POWER FLOW YOGA is an invigorating and dynamic yoga connecting breath with movement. Focus is on balance, power, fluidity, flexibility, and alignment. Feel clear, clean, and energized.
    • YOGA FLOW/RESTORE is moderate pace enough for beginners or seniors, but appropriate for more experienced who want a gentle yoga. Emphasis on balance, flexibility, and strength.
    • YOGA FLOW/ALIGN with mindful and functional movement, focuses on optimal alignment to maximize energy flow, experience greater stability, freedom, and ease in each pose.


    • CANYONS CONDITIONING is a boot-camp inspired that involves total body strength, conditioning, cardio intervals, along with core and mobility work to challenge all fitness levels! 
    • FROM SCRATCH (Seasonal) is a class designed for anyone who wants to get into fitness, but feels like they are starting “From Scratch. In this class, we will rebuild cardio stamina, muscle strength and core health from the ground up, nice and easy. 
    • FUNCTIONAL FITNESS AND TONING This is a foundational fitness and healthy life movement class. We focus on the maintenance work of keeping our bodies
      balanced, flexible, and conditioned, from the core out. Balance, cardio, agility, strength training all from a slower, more focused, deeper and sustained pace.
    • BARRE FUSION is a full body, high intensity, low-impact, muscular endurance class with elements of ballet, Yoga, and Pilates. Improve balance, flexibility, and posture. 
    • BODY BLAST is  a full body strength building class using weights and corresponding to the rhythm of the music (similar to bodypump

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