Court Sports

Tennis Ball, Racquetball, Basketball,
and Wallyball!

Canyons Athletic Club has two indoor tennis courts with a viewing and hospitality area. There are three racquetball courts, with wallyball available on one of the courts. There is also a 1,100 sq. ft. basketball area in the tennis building.

Court Sport features:

You must be a Court Member to use the tennis and racquetball courts or pay a $4.00 fee as a health member. Health members have access to the basketball area with no additional fees.

Tennis court fees are $12.00 per hour, split between the number of people playing. (e.g. $6.00 per hour for singles, $3.00 per hour for doubles.) There is no court fee for racquetball courts (unless you are a health member).

Court Members may reserve courts up to three days in advance. Non-members may reserve courts up to 24 hours in advance.

Medicine balls and other gym equipment in Canyons Athletic Club gym facilities.

Tennis Clinics and Lessons

Jimmy Pinjuv is USPTA Certified and the Head Tennis Professional at The Canyons Athletic Club.  He is available for private, semi-private, and group lessons. Please call him at 318-5584 or 363-1555 for more information on rates, or to schedule a lesson.

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