Tanning is available at The Canyons with our state-of-the-art HEX II Vertical Tanning Booth.

The tanning booth is located in the tennis building.

Each session is a maximum of 10 minutes.


1 tan $ 5

Package of 10 tans $40

Package of 20 tans $75

A number of recent studies have shown that responsible tanning can
actually help reduce your chances of melanoma, the most deadly form
of skin cancer.  There are a number of factors that determine whether
an indoor tanning booth may be beneficial or harmful.

What makes a tanning booth safe?

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D., “the type of tanning bed may
be a major factor in whether or not it will have a beneficial or detrimental
impact on your cancer risk.  Safe tanning beds have less of the
dangerous UVA than sunlight, while unsafe ones emit more UVA than
sunlight, and it is the UVA rays, which penetrate your skin more deeply
than UVB, that appear to be a much more important factor in causing
photoaging, wrinkles and skin cancers.”

Another important factor when selecting a tanning bed is the type of ballast
it employs, to avoid excessive electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.  Most
tanning units use magnetic ballasts to generate light.  These magnetic
ballasts are well known sources of EMF fields that can contribute to cancer.”

The HEX II Tanning Booth at The Canyons uses electronic ballasts and with each session being a maximum of 10 minutes, you will limit your exposure to UVA rays.

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